In celebration of my new book, The Divine Heart...

As a way to say thank you for purchasing a copy of my new book, The Divine Heart: Seven Ways to Live in God’s Love, , I would like to offer you this free online retreat.

Claiming this gift is simple. Just click on this link to sign up for the free self-paced, 7-day online retreat.

Being Love, Becoming Whole:

Living Inside Divine Love

A Free 7-Day Self-paced Online Retreat ($47 value)

with Colette Lafia, author of The Divine Heart

During this self-paced, 7-day online retreat, you’ll come to see yourself as a manifestation of Divine love, cultivate a deeper connection to the love that you are, and awaken to the wonder of seeing everyone and everything as an expression of this all-encompassing love.

The spiritual reflections, contemplative practices, and journal writing prompts in Being Love, Becoming Whole will help you to:

  • open more fully to living in the flow of Divine love
  • develop a deep trust in the wisdom that gently whispers in your heart
  • embrace vulnerability as a gift – a pathway to greater love, healing, and wholeness
  • invoke the healing energy of God’s tender love and mercy

You'll receive an email every day for 7 days that will include a reflection, guided prayer or meditation, and a journal prompt. It’s simple! You may spend anywhere from 15-30 minutes on each day’s reflection and practice. During this online retreat, we’ll explore the many dimensions of love and take time to appreciate the comfort, hope, and healing that love offers us during this time of uncertainty and transition.

The more we can embrace Divine Love as our true identity, the more we can claim our true purpose in life—living not only in love, but through love, and as love.

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Divine love is always present in all created things and always offering itself. God is, thus, a relationship, one in which we can participate in every moment. Divine love is utterly dynamic.

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Colette Lafia, Online Retreat Leader

Colette Lafia is a spiritual director, author, and retreat leader who has a passion for helping people connect more deeply with the presence of the sacred in their daily lives.