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Wednesday Wisdom

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Wednesday Wisdom: Cultivating the Heart of Compassion

By Colette Lafia /

There are so many moments in which we can be a compassionate presence to another person. If we reflect upon even a day in our lives, we will realize this. Last week, my elderly in-laws were in town, visiting us after an extended cruise in which they encountered days of…

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Wednesday Wisdom: To Love and Let Go

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Wednesday Wisdom: To Love and Let Go

In the end we discover that to love and let go can be the same thing. —Jack Kornfield I was really struck by this quote when it landed in my inbox last week, as I continue to process the loss of a friendship in my life. When I read this quote,…

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Treat Yourself with Kindness

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Treat Yourself with Kindness

Wednesday Wisdom: Staying in the Flow of Love Last Friday, I led a spirit-filled ‘Day of Prayer’ at Mercy Center. One of the things we reflected upon was the importance of noticing what keeps us in the flow of love, and what pulls us out of it. I have found…

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Step Back, Take a Breath, Let Go with Love

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Step Back, Take a Breath, Let Go with Love

Wednesday Wisdom: Step Back, Take a Breath, and Let Go with Love. I’ve just returned from spending Labor Day weekend in Toronto with family. Before my husband and I went on the trip, we reflected upon how we wanted to relate to our family during this time of change and…

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Wednesday Wisdom: Learning to Listen to the Spirit

By Colette Lafia /

The school year has begun. I am busy again, with my part-time library schedule and my spiritual work. Yesterday, I found myself feeling edgy after a long day. In the evening, I engaged in the Ignatian practice known as the Daily Examen, which is a prayer practice of reviewing our…

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Who are you?

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Who are you?

Wednesday Wisdom: Who are You? I just returned from a week at the Living School Symposium. It was a week of deepening my commitment to living from a contemplative stance. A contemplative stance is one that sees the whole, the unity of all, and not only the parts. As Richard Rohr…

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