Restore Balance & Renew Hope During This Difficult Time

11-Day Living Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude opens the heart to hope and uplifts us.


If you find yourself feeling worn down by this time of uncertainty and stress, the good news is that gratitude has the ability to restore and renew you.

This self-directed 11-Day Living Gratitude Challenge invites you to move gratitude into the center of your life. It explores gratitude as a way of living and being in your daily life.

You'll receive an email every day that will include reflections, prayers, gratitude practices, and journal prompts. You may spend anywhere from 15-20 minutes on each reflection and practice. During this gratitude challenge, we’ll explore the many dimensions of gratitude, take time to appreciate all that’s sustaining us during this difficult time, and recognize the sacredness of our lives.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Day 1: Connect to Your Thankful Heart
  • Day 2: Discover the Gift of a New Day
  • Day 3: Make Gratitude a Daily Habit
  • Day 4: Let Gratitude Inspire You
  • Day 5: Choose to Be Grateful
  • Day 6: Practice Gratitude During Difficult Times
  • Day 7: Allow Gratitude to Energize You
  • Day 8: Find Ways to Express Gratitude
  • Day 9: Welcome Resistance as a Path to Gratitude
  • Day 10: Bring the Hope of Gratitude into Your Life
  • Day 11: Be an Instrument of Gratitude in the World

This is a self-directed retreat, but I encourage you to share the 11-Day Living Gratitude Challenge with a friend, or with a group you’re a part of.

Let this challenge help you feel more connected to others, because in this time of increased isolation we need the encouragement, support, and strength that community brings. Let’s harvest our gratitude so it becomes a bountiful blessing that can nourish us all.