Spiritual Direction 2 (1)

What is Spiritual Direction?
There is a spiritual dimension to all human experience, to all the joy and pain that moves through our lives, and this is what is explored in spiritual direction.
 Spiritual direction allows a person to deepen their experience of the Divine in their hearts and in their lives. My work is about being a companion to help connect you to the bounty and fullness of both your spirit, (with a small s), and the Spirit, (with a big S).

You are invited to explore and deepen your spiritual life with spiritual direction.

Spiritual direction has been around for a long time, with a rich tradition, serving to help people explore and deepen their spiritual life by sharing it with a trusted individual. A trained spiritual director serves as a companion, listening attentively to where the Divine wants to meet you in your life.

One-on-one spiritual direction is focused on your spiritual journey and your relationship to Spirit. It is a time to deepen your awareness and experience of the Sacred in your life.

Consider spiritual direction if your desire is to:

  • Identify and trust your own experiences of the Divine
  • Integrate spirituality more fully into your daily life
  • Explore and deepen your prayer life
  • Discern and make choices
  • Share your hopes, struggles, and losses.
  • Develop a sensitivity and compassion for yourself, for others in your life, and for the world around you.

Colette is passionate about awakening individuals to the love of the Divine and helping them connect more deeply to the presence of the sacred in their daily lives. She integrates creative and contemplative practices in her work as a spiritual director and workshop facilitator.

Spiritual Direction with Colette Lafia,  Certified Spiritual Director

Colette provides a comfortable and contemplative environment for individual and group spiritual direction. She does in-person direction in San Francisco, and is also available by Skype or phone. Spiritual direction sessions are 50 minutes and meet once a month. Schedule and fees can be discussed during the initial phone call or meeting.

Colette Lafia is a writer, teacher, and spiritual director, who lives and works in San Francisco. She received her spiritual direction formation at Mercy Center, Burlingame California, which is known worldwide for its pioneering work in spiritual direction.  She holds certification in individual and group spiritual direction.

Colette regularly conducts spiritual direction groups, also known as “Circles.” She has held spiritual circles for the Archdiocese of San Francisco, and at Santa Sabina and Mercy Center, on the topics of gratitude, comfort, and surrender.


Colette is available for Spiritual Direction–in person, or by Skype and Phone. Please email her at colette.lafia@gmail.com.

“Spiritual direction explores a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human. Simply put, spiritual direction is helping people tell their sacred stories every day.”

—Liz Budd Ellmann, MDiv, former Executive Director, Spiritual Directors International

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“Spiritual direction at its best entirely focuses on helping the directee (person receiving spiritual direction) become attentive to the presence, action, and movements of God in ordinary human experiences, and on noticing the directee’s own responses to these movements of the Holy.”

Mary Ann Scofield, RSM, founding member of SDI



“I highly recommend Spiritual Direction with Colette! My experience with her enabled me to sort out things going on in my life through reflection, talking, listening and praying. I was attending therapy at the same time and found these sessions more beneficial – it provided a more spiritual connection to God, myself and those around me.”
–Martha, San Francisco

“Colette Lafia is a gift from God! She has the patience to listen intently; the intuition to reflect tenderly; and the spirituality to advise lovingly. Colette did all those things for me when I was desperately trying to define my life; she helped me find the comfort I so needed to move forward and gain inner strength through the grace of God.”
–Stephanie, San Francisco

Colette’s Webinar on Spiritual Direction:
Download Powerpoint Presentation here: Spiritual Direction Webinar