The Grateful Heart:

7-Days of Living in Appreciation & Thankfulness

with Colette Lafia

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Deepen your relationship with Sacred Presence
Practice conscious rest to bring yourself more ease
Cultivate appreciation of life’s gifts


Gratitude Invites Us Into More Joy and Contentment

During our 7-days of living in appreciation and thankfulness, we will explore how gratitude can offer us a path to living our lives with greater joy and more contentment. We will also take time to meet our states of ingratitude with clarity and compassion.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a link every day that will include reflections, prayers, gratitude practices and journal prompts. You may spend anywhere from 15-20 minutes on each reflection and practice (or more if you so choose).

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Day 1: Connecting to Your Thankful Heart
Day 2: Giving Yourself Rest
Day 3: Receiving Life as a Gift
Day 4: Expressing Thankfulness
Day 5: Enjoying Your Relationship with the Sacred
Day 6: Commitment to Gratitude
Day 7: Gathering the Graces

Colette, Lafia, Online Retreat Leader

Colette Lafia, author of The Divine Heart

Colette Lafia is a spiritual director, author, and retreat leader who has a passion for helping people connect more deeply with the presence of the sacred in their daily lives.


Please Share “The Grateful Heart”

I encourage you to share the 7-days of gratitude program with a friend, or with a group you’re a part of. There is no cost to join. Together, we can offer ourselves, others and the world around us more appreciation and thankfulness.