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Foundations of Centering Prayer

Free Online with Colette Lafia
Saturday August 17, 2024 at 10 AM Pacific Time

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"Colette created a beautiful retreat gathering and inspired a circle of trust. Through her gentle guidance and expert leadership, our group opened up like a garden of flowers that brought deeper understanding about our own spiritual paths. I am so grateful for the spiritual growth I experienced in Colette's retreat."



"I am grateful for the grace of growing closer to the Beloved as I have experienced how deep, high, long & wide is this divine love. It is expansive, limitless, and eternal love! The Beloved is delighted to place His/Her hands on my heart, to fill me with compassion, to heal my hurts and sorrows, and to share this love between us. Being filled, I am amazed how much divine love flows out! Thanks and Blessings of love to you, Colette, and to all who have shared this retreat."



"One of the graces I received during this retreat is that of keeping my focus on Divine Love. Receiving this Divine Love deep into my bones, and knowing that in first receiving it as the reality that it is actually more real than anything else, I can then reflect it more easily to all I encounter! Thank you so much Colette for enhancing and expanding my experience of Divine Love through this retreat."



“Thank you Colette and others for sharing this retreat. I found it a wonderful touchstone through a busy time. It was delivered in such an accessible, sweet way. Having participated in the Living School myself, I found that your summaries and integration of the material was profound for me. Thank you. I was challenged to really create enough space to go as deeply as this deserved. A life-long challenge. I could have spent a day on each session. Please keep sharing your gift Colette.”



"This has been a beautiful, personalized, compassionate and meaningful retreat for me! I was able to slow down and get in touch with Christ who is in me! Colette your topics and the pace you set for us led us deeper into ourselves! I thank you! I intend to keep re-reading all of this over and over in order to hopefully keep me in this wonderful, peaceful place!"


San Francisco

"I found myself opening again to both receive and give with open arms, knowing that in whom I live and move and have my being. I have regained the habit of prayerful living which allows the Divine. Thank you Colette. This is just what I needed in my life at this time."



"Thank you Colette for allowing me to join your Retreat. It has blessed my soul. I found the demonstration on Centering prayer so very helpful & will keep using it. I so enjoyed Thomas Keating's interview, finding him very real. The simplicity of his life and faith was an inspiration. I have ended your Retreat with the words of that lovely Hymn on my heart, ' Love Divine all Loves excelling' It is the prayer I close this Retreat with. Thank you."



"Thank you, Colette. I now have more clarity on the difficulty of my transition. I have left this workshop with two symbols to contemplate. Great workshop. Thank you for your facilitation over the the group. You are simply wonderful."



"Wonderful retreat. Colette is great. I really like the gentle and easy way she led us. Love the art project. Love not having an agenda and her suggestion at the beginning to just relax and go with it. I like that this retreat led us somewhere—had content and worked toward deeper insights and meaning. Really liked Colette’s style of facilitation. Please offer it again! I’d love to bring friends."



Workshops, Retreats & Days of Prayer

I am happy to offer a book presentation, a day of prayer, or an online retreat to your parish or group! 
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Colette facilitates seasonal online retreats. The topics range from finding comfort and joy in everyday life to living a life overflowing with Divine love. Read more about Online Retreats here.

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Reviews from Past Online Retreat Participants:

"I had a wonderful dance with this faith community and a big thank you, Colette, for making this online retreat such a success.  Your reflections, prayers, deep questions and visio divina were all so rich that I am sure this retreat will continue on its own course for a long time to come.  THANK YOU!"

— Participant in “Being Love, Becoming Whole.”

"I have loved being a part of your retreat! I think I have found what I have been searching for! I know that my ’spirituality’ had changed some time ago, and not knowing which ‘road’ to take, I was unable to move forward. Now, during this retreat I have discovered all that I couldn’t find when I was searching on my own."

J.G., participant in “Being Love, Becoming Whole.”

"From this retreat experience, I came to realize that I can take God anywhere, anytime and anyplace. I was reminded that God is always a breath away. Thank you, Colette for presenting a beauty-filled and beautiful retreat."

N.J., participant in “Being Love, Becoming Whole.”

"Thank you Colette for your leadership with this retreat during these days with numerous challenges. I appreciated it so much."

H.D., participant in “Being Love, Becoming Whole.”

"This has been an incredible, awesome retreat. Your presentations have included a gentle, feminine touch. Shalom, my friend."

M.M., San Jose, participant in “Being Love, Becoming Whole.”

Past Workshops, Events and Presentations

March 14, 2021
The Divine Heart: Living in God's Love
St. Ignatius Parish, San Francisco

February 22 - March 7, 2021
Surrendering to Love Online Retreat
San Damiano Retreat Center, Danville, CA

February 12 - 26, 2021
Becoming the Loving Presence of God Online Retreat
Mercy Center Burlingame

December 11, 2020
Advent Morning of Prayer
Mercy Center Burlingame

December 6, 2019
Advent Day of Prayer
Sponsored by Mercy Center

June 17 – June 27, 2019
Being Loved, Becoming Whole Online Retreat
Sponsored by Mercy Center

Good Friday: Broken and Whole Presentation 2019
Saint Ignatius Church San Francisco, CA

Tuesdays Jan. 8, Feb. 5, Mar. 5, 2019
3 Sessions: Exploring Prayer: The Key to Spiritual Growth

Friday, December 7, 2018
Saying “Yes” to the Invitation of Love: Advent Day of Prayer
Mercy Center Burlingame, California

Sunday, November 18, 2018
Way Opening, Way Closing: Praying with Change
Saint Ignatius Church, San Francisco, Fromm Center

Wednesday, November 7, 2018
Day of Prayer: Saint Sabina Center
San Rafael, CA

Friday, December 8, 2017
Advent Day of Prayer: It’s All About Love
Mercy Center, Burlingame

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
The Transformative Power of Surrender
School of Applied Theology, Bay Area

Wednesday, November 8, 2017
God Calls Me by Name
St. Simon Church, Los Altos


Tuesdays, September 12, 19 & 26, 2017
Radical Hospitality Retreat Series
Ignatian Spiritual Life Center, San Francisco

May 12, 2017
Awakening the Gifts of the Holy Spirit During a Time of Transition
Mercy Center: Burlingame, CA

May 7, 2017
Presentation on Spiritual Direction
Saint Ignatius Church, San Francisco

May 2, 2017
The Transformative Power of Surrender
School of Applied Theology, Oakland, California

April 10, 2017
Comfort Circle: Sacred Space for Cultivating Compassion & Connection
School of Applied Theology, Oakland, California

December 9, 2016
Advent Day of Prayer
Mercy Center: Burlingame, CA

November 29, 2016
The Transformative Power of Surrender
School of Applied Theology: Oakland, CA

October 19, 26 & November 2, 2016
Living Mercy: A 3-part Retreat in Daily Life
Saint Agnes Spiritual Life Center: San Francisco, CA

October 5, 2016
Day of Prayer: Surrendering into Grace
Santa Sabina Retreat Center: San Rafael, CA

May 3, 2016
The Transformative Power of Surrender
School of Applied Theology: Oakland, CA

April 22, 2016
Women in Transition: The Art of Waiting
Mercy Center: Burlingame, CA

March 18, 2016
Deepen Your Intimacy with the Sacred through Spiritual Art
Mercy Center: Burlingame, CA


March 16, 2016
Comfort Circles: A Sacred Space for Cultivating Compassion & Connection
School of Applied Theology: Oakland, CA

Dec. 11, 2015
Joyful Surrender: Advent Retreat Day
Mercy Center: Burlingame, CA

Oct. 18, 2015
Journey Into the Heart of Surrender
Saint Ignatius Adult Faith Formation/Fromm Center: San Francisco, CA

Sept. 13, 20 & 27 2015
Seeking Surrender: Mini-Retreat
Saint Agnes Spiritual Life Center: San Francisco, CA

July 14, 2015
The Art of Listening in Spiritual Direction
Institute for Health & Healing, California Pacific Medical Center:
San Francisco, CA

July 13, 2015
Journey Into the Heart of Surrender
The Sequoias: San Francisco, CA

June 5-7, 2015
Love Me Into Being (Retreat)
Villa Angelica: Carmel, California

June 2, 2015
Journey Into the Heart of Surrender
Calvary Presbyterian Church: San Francisco, CA

May 24, 2015
Seeking Surrender: Book Signing
Mercy Center: Burlingame, CA

May 22, 2015
Women in Transition
Mercy Center: Burlingame, CA

May 13, 2015
Life Lessons from a Trappist Monk
Santa Sabina Center: San Rafael, CA

May 11, 2015
Journey Into the Heart of Surrender
Mindfulness Care Center: San Francisco, CA

May 7, 2015
Seeking Surrender: Book Signing
BookShop West Portal: San Francisco, CA

What is an online retreat?

An online retreat with Colette is a way to engage in spiritual reflection on a specific theme within a community of spiritual seekers. However, rather than having to travel to a distant retreat center, you can participate from your own home or from whatever place or space that allows you to retreat from the busyness of your everyday life and go within to connect with Spirit. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Retreats:

Every morning during a 7-day retreat (and every other morning during longer retreats), you’ll receive an email that will send you to our retreat website, where you’ll find a new: reflection on the retreat’s theme, contemplative prayer practice, journal prompt, and invitation to share any thoughts, experiences, or realizations you’re inspired to in the online discussion group. Contemplative practices may include: breath awareness, audio guided meditations by Colette, Visio Divina (praying with images), and listening to music.  

The online retreat is not live, but participants move through the retreat together over the 7 or 14 days, so there’s a sense of community to the experience. The prayers and reflections are in a written and pre-recorded format that can be accessed at any time that’s convenient for you. If a retreat has a Zoom gathering built into it, we’ll let you know in the retreat description. 

Not at all. It’s really as simple as opening an email and clicking a link. We use a platform called Ruzuku, which you will receive access to after registration. Ruzuku offers amazing technical support, so we are always available to help.

You might spend anywhere from 20-30 minutes on each reflection and prayer practice. Any level of engagement has something to offer you. You can go online whenever it’s convenient for you—as a way to start your day, at your lunch hour, or at the end of the day. If you want to go at a slower pace, the retreat material will remain available after the official retreat time ends.

I encourage you to always do what’s right for you. Sharing is always optional and will happen in a safe space that’s facilitated by Colettte.