Sacred Practices

Sacred Practices for Spiritual Living

Learning to Pray in my Car

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Learning to Pray in my Car

If I had my dream life, I would always have ample time in the morning to meditate and pray. Yet, on some mornings, I only have time to write in my journal while drinking my morning cup of tea. After that, I am busy preparing for the day, packing lunch for myself and…

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Living Prayer

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Living Prayer

It’s a stormy day here in San Francisco, with lots of rain. I head home from the pool on the local bus. The large windows are steamed up and everyone looks soggy, with wet raincoats and dripping umbrellas. I step on the bus, with only one thing on my mind:…

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Look at the Shadows

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Look at the Shadows

The other day I was walking up the hill from my house, on my way to the park, when I saw an elderly woman standing on the corner taking a photograph. I looked around and really couldn’t guess what she was taking pictures of. As I passed her, she said,…

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