Sacred Practices

Sacred Practices for Spiritual Living

I was born to love.

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on I was born to love.

Honoring the Season of Light & Love. I was born to love. Let nothing stop it. May grace guide me. In the darkness, the light burns within. Wishing all of you love and light in this season as we move through the shortest days and longest nights. I invite you…

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Praying with the Psalms

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Praying with the Psalms

For a while now my practice has been to pray a psalm, or part of a psalm, in my morning prayer, before I go into my Centering prayer. The psalms have been a rich part of my life, having heard them prayed in the Catholic mass since I was a…

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By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Circles

There was a period of time in which I kept painting circles. Large black circles, small red circles, yellow circles intersecting with blue circles. I didn’t have any particular meaning attached to them. It was simply comforting to paint circles. I liked the way my shoulder, arm, and wrist rolled…

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Sacred Practice: Seeking Peace

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Sacred Practice: Seeking Peace

Sometimes we find ourselves holding on to something we know we need to let go of. And sometimes, we find that even though we have done a lot of healing around something, there is still more to let go, forgive, and release. How do we seek peace at times when we…

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Sacred Practice: Cultivating Expansiveness

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Sacred Practice: Cultivating Expansiveness

Sacred Practice: Cultivating Expansiveness Sometimes, we need to step out of the minute details of everyday life and give ourselves some breathing room. Through habit we get caught up in reviewing our lives—from past decisions to present situations. In all of this, our experience of the sacred can get lost. At…

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Sacred Practice: Permission

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Sacred Practice: Permission

Permission doesn’t sound like a very spiritual word, but I’ve come to realize it’s what allows us to say YES. We can give ourselves permission to listen to our desires, to fulfill our longings, and to care for our needs. Yet so many of us keep our desires tucked away, unfulfilled.…

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