There was a period of time in which I kept painting circles. Large black circles, small red circles, yellow circles intersecting with blue circles. I didn’t have any particular meaning attached to them. It was simply comforting to paint circles. I liked the way my shoulder, arm, and wrist rolled when I painted a circle. I liked the feeling of going around and around on a piece of paper.

Soon my entire studio was filled with paintings of circles. Each circle felt like the whole world on a piece of paper: a world that was not fragmented, the way I experienced it every day. There was a perfection to the circle. Not perfect, but a perfection, as though life met not at its edges but in its center where it was round.

Cultivating Comfort

Circles are comforting. Did you ever notice that a hug is a circle? Circles remind us to look beyond beginnings and endings. They hold us in their roundness. Look around you and see how many things are formed in circles. Let comfort be a circle surrounding you.


Reflect upon and write about a transition you are experiencing, and the ways that comfort is a circle holding you during this time. 

Meditation & Prayer

I pray to recognize that the arms of divine love are wrapped around me in a comforting circle. During times of transition and uncertainty, I trust that I am held in tenderness.

Enjoy my book Comfort & Joy: Simple Ways to Care for Ourselves and Others.

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