Making More Room for Mystery

In the last few weeks, I’ve been engaged in a deep forgiveness journey with my father, who has been deceased for almost a decade now. Even though, while he was alive, we shared in many moments of forgiveness, there are still some deep-rooted pains and disappointments that I feel called to meet, forgive, and let go of.

In the Christian tradition, we are in the season of Lent, the forty days before Easter, which is a time of reflection and drawing closer to the Source of Love. This has created a container for me to work with the painful feelings and memories I am meeting right now.  

I find myself writing in my journal, meeting with my spiritual director, talking to trusted companions, allowing myself to cry, and bringing my sorrow to God in deep prayer. Yet, as much as I’m doing, I can also feel the hand of mystery present, which is allowing Spirit to do the heavy lifting, giving me the courage to forgive and the grace to heal.

Mystery is such a gift to us, if we make more room for it in our hearts and in our lives.

Richard Rohr often says, “Mystery is not something you can’t know. Mystery is endless knowability.” I don’t think he’s pointing to a sense of certainty, but to a knowing that arises through deepening our relationship with life, love, and the Divine in an endless process and path of unfolding.

How can we be more open to the mystery—accepting it and even embracing it? How can we live more in the mystery of life and love, with an open mind and open heart?

I find that both writing and deepening my relationship to and with Divine Love are powerful ways I can make more room for the mystery to unfold in my life.

Recently, I took time to make a collage on the theme of mystery, to get more in touch with how the mystery was presenting itself to me in my life these days. After making the collage, I took time to do some writing based on the images. I invite you to engage in this prayer practice.

The two upcoming retreats I’m offering hold that gift of mystery at their center. I’d love to see you there:
Special Invitation during Lent: Women’s Writing Retreat
In-person, March 22-March 24, 2024San Damiano Retreat Center Danville, CA
Join a community of heart-centered women to explore how writing is a profound and personal way to listen to your heart and soul and deepen your spiritual life and relationship to the Divine.
We will engage in many types of writing such as spiritual journaling, uncensored free writing, letter writing, writing in response to images, poetry writing, and more.
Link to register.
An Easter Season Offering: Living the Divine Heart
In person, April 12-14, 2024Mercy Center Burlingame, CARegistration closes March 29!
Our hearts are a portal for God’s heart, and where our hearts and God’s heart meet, Divine Love is fulfilled. This will be a time of prayer and art making, silence and sacred conversation, self-care and connection to community.  
Link to register.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would share the retreat information with friends, family, or community members that you feel would be nourished by these offerings.

I look forward to sharing this Holy time and exploring the depths of writing, mystery, and Divine Love together.

Much love,