Sharing my good news!

As we reach the end of May with summer around the corner and celebrations and graduations in the air, I’m finding myself celebrating, too! I’ve had a couple of things that have brought me joy this month, which I’m feeling grateful about. 

1. The Divine Heart receives a 2022 Silver Nautilus Award!  

I’m so delighted and honored that my book, The Divine Heart, was chosen to receive this meaningful recognition and emblem. The Nautilus Awards recognize “Better Books for a Better World,” and my book won silver in the category Religion/Spirituality of Western Thought. My book is one of many excellent books they’ve acknowledged, and you can learn more about the 2022 Nautilus Award Winners here.

I have so much gratitude for everyone who’s helped me bring The Divine Heart into being, as well as for all the communities, book stores, spiritual centers, and friends who have supported me this past year as I’ve been promoting the book.

PLEASE consider purchasing a copy and giving one to a friend. Here’s the link!  Recently, a spiritual friend said to me in tears, “Your book has helped me to grow in love, and to let Divine love become the center of my life!”