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Gratitude Ripple

Let’s create a ripple of gratitude this November. For inspiration and support, listen to the Three Gratitudes audio, by Carrie Newcomer: What are you grateful for?

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Inspiration Fountain

What really inspires us? It’s such an important question. What renews us, and gives us life? As I share things with you, I encourage you to notice what truly inspires you? I find this video of the Prayer of St. Francis to inspire me. Enjoy! Also, here’s a type of guided meditation I use during…

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Discover This Season of Renewal

As we begin the month of May, I recall the words of wisdom Angeles Arrien wrote in her book, Living in Gratitude. “In May, nature mirrors back to use the increased blossoming and opening that are also occurring in our lives and within our own natures.” How can we discover this season of renewal in our lives? Here…

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Pouring Out

Last night as part of the Holy Thursday service, there was the ritual of washing feet. Several wooden chairs were set up around the church, with wash bowls, water jugs, and a pile of towels next to each one of them. I usually never get my feet washed; I usually just watch others. But this year, something…

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Living Into Surrender: The Call

The Call to Surrender: Day I It’s a new school year, and as I transition back to work as a part-time school librarian, I find myself filled with resistance for so many reasons. As the door opens to a new school, I want to run the other way–but I can’t, mainly for financial reasons, like…

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What is Stirring in Your Heart?

Last week, over forty women gathered at Mercy Center, on a foggy Friday, for a Women In Transition day retreat. Together, we engaged in reading poetry, making art, and contemplative sharing. We also enjoyed tea and fresh scones together. I had the privilege of guiding the group in making clay sculptures as a way to reflect…

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