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Allowing Life to Unfold: Living Surrender #5

This week, I wanted to share a beautiful response I received recently after I did a book reading and talk at the beautiful Santa Sabina Center. Sharing my book continues to be a journey of surrender and surrendering into the presence of others, allowing the book to live. Colette, I look forward to having  your…

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Writing as a Healing Process

The other day, I came across my notebook from the first time I was at the Abbey of Gethsemani in 2003 when I met Brother Rene. In this quick watercolor, I wrote: Can I stop chasing God? Faith. I realize that something in me was already sensing that my orientation to myself, my life, and to God…

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Surrender into Offering Your Gifts

Last week, I went to the Anne Lamott reading at Calvary Presbyterian Church in San Francisco, which is an extraordinary place, lots of amazing work being done there and such a beautiful building! A highlight of the evening turned out to be when the choir led the crowd of adults in singing “This Little Light…

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In the Passage

In her incredibly insightful book, The Sacred Place of Prayer. Jean Marie Dwyer writes, “A passage from fear is always a movement into trust.” (pg. 101) Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night with the pressing thought, I am going to die one day. I had a strong sense of fear, as I…

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