Dwelling in the Heart

Welcome to Being Loved Becoming Whole – Living Inside Divine Love.

I’m Colette. I’d like us to begin by sharing in a guided meditation together. So I invite you now to close your eyes or lower your gaze. Begin by taking three deep full breaths, inhaling completely, and exhaling completely. Allowing the breath to be the anchor of your meditation. Feel the way the breath inhabits your whole body. Inhaling completely, exhaling completely. Feel the way the breath brings you in to yourself. Grounds you, calms you. Take your time. Breathing deeply. Whenever you finish your three deep full breaths, breathe naturally.

Now take a moment to root yourself in your body in whatever state you find yourself at in this moment. Noticing how you’re feeling physically, emotionally, psychologically, checking in with yourself. Allowing yourself to be just as you are. In spiritual direction, we always say, “Welcome, come as you are.”

Now I invite you to hear God whispering these words to you, “Welcome welcome. Come as you are.” Opening the heart. Allowing yourself to be just as you are. Feeling the way the breath inhabits your whole body.

Breathing in, and breathing out.

And I invite you right now to focus on your heart. The spiritual center of our being, the fourth chakra, and if you like you could place your hand over your heart. And imagine you are breathing in and out from the center of your heart. See if you can find refuge there in the home of your heart which hopes the sacredness of your desire. Your desire to be connected or deeply more completely with Divine Love.

Dwelling in the home of your heart with God. Being there. Just rest there for a moment.

And listen to these words by Mechthild of Magdeburg, a 13th century Christian mystic. She writes, “And God said to the soul, ‘I desired you before the world began. I desire you now as you desire me, and where the desire is to come together there love is perfected.’ ”

Sit for a few moments dwelling in the home of your heart and your desire and in God’s desire. It’s a mutual desire, a mutual relationship. It’s a mutual love. Let us sit for a few moments breathing in and out allowing our hearts to deepen and awaken to the presence of divine Love, which is the essence of who we are.