Comfort & Joy

Finding Comfort & Joy


By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Generosity

I am always inspired by people who just seem to be generous by nature. They have a generous spirit. There’s a woman by the name of Kathy where I work who is always doing extra things for people. She’ll update the bulletin boards outside the cafeteria or give everyone a…

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Along the way

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Along the way

“Knowing when to wait is as integral to the dream as knowing when to act,” Tessa Bielecki writes in her book on Teresa of Avila (Crossroad, 1994). I was struck with that line this morning as I am moving into unknown terrain as I try to move in a new…

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Inspired morning

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Inspired morning

In those first few moments of the day, let us remind ourselves to seek inspiration. The alarm rings, I know I have to pack the lunches, get breakfast, dress and be on the road in a timely manner. While I sit for a few moments with my breakfast tea, I…

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Inspired chores

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Inspired chores

Well, this morning, I woke up to a host of chores that needed to get done. As I began cutting the carrots for the beef stew I was making, I thought about the philosophy of “finding God in all things.” Since I have been reflecting on living an inspired life,…

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The core conversation

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on The core conversation

WRITING is a way to discover and hear the spiritual converssation of your life. Journal writing is a way to engage in a dialogue with yourself and the Spirit. For the last 20 years of my life, the core conversation I have been having with myself and my life is…

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Sometimes, we just have to STOP

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Sometimes, we just have to STOP

Well, a storm hit me and I found myself overwhelmed. It was triggered by a difficult night’s sleep and my anxiety over money. My mind and body were moving like ping pong balls. I knew I needed to STOP. Put the brakes on. Physically stop moving. So after hours of…

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