Comfort & Joy

Finding Comfort & Joy

Staying in the light

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Staying in the light

As I try to get the courage to come forward and continue on my creative spiritual journey, I face doubt, a doubt that can keep me stuck. I notice such a judgmental and critical voice in myself, but I now know that this voice is an old ingrained habit, and…

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By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Softness

Who can speak of love without pain? In the heart, there lives the hope that pain can be transformed. = Love becomes more generous and full, like a ripe summer fig, bursting out of its purple skin. = The stars quiver against an expansive sky full of the beauty only…

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The dahlias are magical

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on The dahlias are magical

After a draining day at work, I came home in the late afternoon and had to make a snap decision. Would I circle around the thought, “I am so tired from my day,” or would I quickly change into my bike clothes and head out for a ride through the…

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The gratefulness conference

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on The gratefulness conference

The Gratefulness conference held last Saturday at the Palace of Legion of Honor was SO inspiring. I recommend everyone to visit and sign up immediately to become an active part of the gratitude movement. From listening to the various speakers, I came to realize that gratefulness is a very…

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The body is made for love

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on The body is made for love

Last night, when I was resting in the middle of the night, I felt my body’s desire to feel love in it. Deep love. Total acceptance. My habit is to get frustrated since I want to be asleep, but if I listen to my body it is asking me for…

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Self responsibility

By Colette Lafia / Comments Off on Self responsibility

The other day I was having lunch with a good friend, someone I have known for almost three decades of my life. As we were munching on our fresh salads, we were talking about our lives. I have been noticing a constant wave of dissatisfaction in my daily life. In…

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