Who can speak of love without pain? In the heart, there lives the hope that pain can be transformed. = Love becomes more generous and full, like a ripe summer fig, bursting out of its purple skin. = The stars quiver against an expansive sky full of the beauty only darkness can reveal.

Can you open up to the grace to surrender to the will of love? For without its caress, the harshness will destroy the spirit. There is a story only you know, one that is lived in your body and heart. And this way of meeting yourself, with love, with softness, can offer you a resting place.

The more you can see yourself with love, the more you can see others with that same spirit. The next time you look at yourself in the mirror, try not to become distracted with appearance, with wrinkles, dark circles, or puffy eyelids. Don’t judge or criticize them, but instead allow surrender to create an acceptance for a resting place you can inhabit.

Some days, surrender is letting go of frustration at work, and other days it is bringing relaxation into your tense body. Some days, it is deciding not to worry about someone or something, and other days it is letting yourself take a long nap. Feel the gentleness and warmth that the shelter of surrender is extending to you.