The dahlias are magical

After a draining day at work, I came home in the late afternoon and had to make a snap decision. Would I circle around the thought, “I am so tired from my day,” or would I quickly change into my bike clothes and head out for a ride through the park. I was pulled into the weight in my mind, where the familiar story of discontent lives. I ask myself: What story am I telling myself? I stand at the kitchen cabinet, and pull out a jar of walnuts and pop a handful in my mouth. I could feel the bottomless pit in my stomach. I could feel in a split second I had to make a decision. “My spirit needs to be nourished.”

I rush to my room, change out of my work pants, pull on my bike shorts and stretch pants, wash my face, fill up my water bottle and head out. I put on my helmet and slide down the hill. It’s a typical foggy August day in San Francisco, but the cool air feels good. I cycle and look up at the sky, reminding myself that I am in creation and how incredible and extraordinary that is! I reach the dahlia garden and I have reached the flower museum of the season. Purple, red, pink, pale peach flowers bright and bold and happy are waiting there for me to delight in them. I stop and enjoy these Dr. Seuss looking pom-pom flowers with other people.

They are happy. They are wild. They are smiling at us. And I just gaze and gaze and gaze. Creation is beautiful. My spirit is enjoying this, I remark. I must continue to lift my spirit and feed it with what will nourish it.

For today, don’t let yourself sink in the same old story. Find a way to Spark Your Spirit! Look at flowers, read jokes, draw a picture, listen to music. Shake it up. Keep life flowing through you. Amen.