The body is made for love

Last night, when I was resting in the middle of the night, I felt my body’s desire to feel love in it. Deep love. Total acceptance. My habit is to get frustrated since I want to be asleep, but if I listen to my body it is asking me for love. So lately I have been doing a love meditation in the body. I start with my toes and fill my toes with love. I feel the warm relaxing sensation of love oozing into the muscles and skin and eventually the blood of my feet. Then I move up to the calves, the knees, the thighs, and all the way up to the tip of my nose and the crown of my head. It’s amazing how delicious it feels and how much my body soaks it in.

So often we are frustrated with our bodies, when they aren’t doing what we want them to be doing! Why aren’t you sleeping? is often the question I am asking. But more and more, I am replacing that question with, Do you want to feel love? And the answer is also a resounding YES!

And then, last night,  it was so clear to me that the body is made for love. The love meditation in the body was the perfect response.

I have a very active friend, who loves to dance and hike, and is now experiencing hip problems.  Besides going to physical therapy and using other resources, what she is also finding to be useful is to love her hip. So that is what she is doing.

She is tender to it — asking it what it needs. Rather than being angry or frustrated with her hip, and seeing it as separate from herself and only a problem, she is giving it love, and paying attention to its need for her gentleness and patience. She was happy to tell me me, ‘it’s working!’ She is not in chronic pain and is finding a new way to be in her body as it is today.

How is your body asking you for love right now?