Self responsibility

The other day I was having lunch with a good friend, someone I have known for almost three decades of my life. As we were munching on our fresh salads, we were talking about our lives. I have been noticing a constant wave of dissatisfaction in my daily life. In part, this comes from fatigue as I continue to handle sleeping inconsistencies and also from handling the daily joint pain I am having in my toes and thumbs. But I have come to realize that it’s more than that. It also comes from not living my true self.

I had a strong image when I was meditating the other day. I felt a storm inside myself being contained in a box. That’s it, I thought: I feel like a storm inside a box. And the pressure was building.

As I was talking to my friend, she asked me about it. I began to realize that I needed to take responsibility for my happiness. I could no longer continue to be a victim of my own life. Yes, I have financial responsibilities. But I needed to really exam them and see if I had any choices to make.

I am exploring this. But realizing: 1) I have to take responsibility for my own happiness; and 2) I have to take myself out of the victim position.

I need to listen to the powerful image brewing in me, so it doesn’t create destruction in myself and my life.

What are you really feeling in your life right now? Are you willing to listen to it and take responsibility for what is really going on inside of you? You are the only one that can! Now that’s a powerful choice.