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Gratitude Journal, Day 8

Sometimes negative thoughts just creep in, doubt finds a way into my mind, and my thankfulness is challenged. During the day, I had the attack of the ‘negatives’ as I call them. And I had to fight hard not to let them overtake me. I had to make a decision that my peace was important…

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Gratitude Journal, Day 5

On Sunday, I ended up having a lot of housework to do — cleaning the house, some laundry, and cooking. At some point, I found myself resistant to what I was doing. I just wanted to stop and have some time to rest, and then to write. When I was vacuuming the bedroom rugs, I…

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Gratitude Journal, Day 4

I seem to be in the habit of writing my gratitude journal in the morning for the previous day. This is because I am usually really tired at the end of the day, since I am handling a sleep disorder. Gratitudes for Saturday, November 20 1. Grateful for the energy to go to yoga class.…

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Gratitude Journal, Day 3

On Friday, November 19, I attended a “Day of Gratitude” at Mercy Center in Burlingame, California (www. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it there, since I was up in the middle of the night again, and couldn’t get back to sleep. Still, I persevered. I have learned that it is usually…

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Gratitude Journal

For the past year I have kept a daily gratitude journal. It’s been an amazing experience, and I particularly like reading back over it. Sometimes when I am feeling blue, I will leaf through the notebook and see all the things I have been grateful for, and other times, I will see patterns and threads…

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The Power of Love

The Power of Love My sister died of breast cancer thirteen years ago, leaving a six-year old daughter at the time.  After several years, her father remarried and decided to return to his native country.  My niece ending up moving away and living abroad since she was nine years old. Over the years, I have…

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