Practice Visio Divina: More Ways to Pray

Wednesday Wisdom: More Ways to Pray.

Since the Lenten season is about connecting more deeply with prayer, I wanted to share a practice I really enjoy. It’s called Visio Divina, sacred seeing, which invites the viewer into divine seeing. You can use this form of prayer with images from art books, magazines, or photos in your own collection. You can also engage in this practice when you are looking at things in nature.

Now, let’s engage in Visio Divina: 

1) Prepare: Take a few deep breaths. With each inhalation and exhalation, feel the presence of the Divine within. Enter into a heart of prayer.

2) Sacred Seeing: Gaze at one of the bowl images below. Allow yourself to scan the whole image. Receive the image and try not to put an interpretation on what you’re seeing, or judgement. Look with the “eyes of your heart.” After you look at it for a while, see if you are drawn to a particular part of the image. Let your eyes dwell there.  Notice what you’re feeling or what is stirring in you as you look at the image.

4) Prayer & Reflection:  Spend time in conversation with God.Close your eyes for a few moments and see if a prayer arises. You may use these questions for reflection:

  • Are there bowls in your life that need to be emptied, in order to make more room for comfort to be received?
  • Are there bowls in your life that need to be filled, so that you have more comfort to give?