Sacred Practice: Connecting Within

When we are putting out a lot of energy, interacting with many people, and constantly responding to demands, we can begin to find ourselves off balance and drained. How can we renew our energy, and stay connected to ourselves throughout the day?


  • First, be willing to stop and acknowledge what you’re feeling. There is great power in the art of stopping. Sit comfortably, with your back against a chair, bench, or car seat. Feel your feet firmly planted on the floor.
  • Take three deep, natural and gentle breaths (never force the breath). Come into this sacred moment. With your attention on your breath, begin to focus on your feet.
  • Feel your feet planted on the ground, even through your shoes. Take several more deep breaths and let your awareness drop into your feet.
  • Now, focus on the right foot–notice the heel, the arch, the toes, the top of the foot. And the left foot–the heel, the arch, the toes, the top of the foot.
  • Feel the presence of both your feet, letting them sink into the ground.
  • Now, keep your focus on your feet for five minutes, using the breath to support you.
  • Notice how you settle back into yourself as you keep your attention on your feet.

This is a simple but powerful practice to bring you back into yourself and connect within. You can do this at work, in the car, or at home–anytime and anywhere! This is a very portable practice, which can have a wonderful calming effect andreconnect you to yourself in the present moment.

Remember that your feet are the ground of your being. God is the ground of your being. Feel the connection.