Seeing life with open eyes

I am being watchful of the mindset that drains me (self critical, unfulfilled, restless). It’s a familiar story and I easily fall into it, if I’m not alert. I know the story, and what is behind it, so there is no longer a need to analyze it. So rather than focusing on it, I need to do what a friend suggested: feed the white dog. BE KIND to myself. BE ACCEPTING of myself.

My task today is to see the glass as half full, and even though that’s a well worn metaphor, it’s a good one.

What is it to see the glass half full: to see possibility, to be hopeful, to find ways to inspire myself. So as soon as I wake up, I read something spiritual and uplifting. I take a moment to be grateful for the sleep and rest I received, even if I was up too early.

Today, my task is too see the glass as half full. When I am at work can I appreciate the small things: a funny story I read to my students, the excitement of a child who tells me about a book she just read, the warmth and connection with a colleague.

What is your task today? To be accepting of yourself, patient with others, to choose joy instead of sorrow? Take a moment to name your task for you today.