I am riding my bicycle through Golden Gate park, feeling my spirit coming alive in my body. There are moments of hesitation as I ride along. Oh, I might fall. I have the desire to ride with the wind, and in that desire for freedom, I meet my fears, of falling, of being hit by a car, of hitting a bump on the trail How do I not clutch the handrails in these moments, and keep my balance and trust?

I keep my attention on what I am doing. I meet the air, and the flowers, and the wide open sky, as I ride in and out of the trails, and on the path, trailing the wind of freedom.

I seek to know and connect to my interior life as an integral dimension of my active life. There is no separation between the interior and exterior life, except in the way I divide them in half, as opposites.

Notice the presence of your interior life alive in you every day, as you work, play, run errands, and take care of yourself and others.