At what point can I allow my spiritual life to become completely honest. Do I allow all of myself to enter into the dynamic of the interior landscape?

I find that my spiritual self includes the parts of me that like silence, that like the sunset, that like eating smelly cheese and drinking crisp wine, and that like to look up at the stars.

I am encouraging all of me to enter into the spiritual relationship. I find myself making two neat piles: the one that is spiritual; and the one that isn’t. But then I realize how confining that approach is. It’s not only the disciplined one, who does her daily meditation, and watches what she consumes, and is sorry for judging others that there is room for and that is accepted.

Sometimes, I remind myself: Don’t define God. Don’t define yourself. Look up a the sky at night and get lost in the gaze of the stars. Look out at the ocean tumbling and deep. Look into your heart and watch how wide it can get.

Can I keep expanding myself spiritually? And just relax and know that it really is limitless if I allow it to be. If I allow all of myself to be embraced. Then I can let myself get bigger and not smaller, more expansive and inclusive.