Living in creation

I am sensing a shift, lately, in my orientation. As I ride my bike through a trail of cypress trees, and arrive at the coastline, the air, the ocean, my breath is telling me that I am IN something. I am IN creation.

For a long time, my concentration has been on the breath of God within, and now that is shifting, and I am sensing that I am IN the divine milieu, as Teilhard de Chardin would say. Living in God is like living in the air we breathe. God is the atmosphere, the environment, the divine milieu in which we spend our lives.”

But for me this is not only a thought, but an experience in my body. It’s my body that is awakening to the idea, sensing the way. What would shift if the context for my life really became divine? If I oriented myself to God, to the Divine, to Creation, as my context? Somehow I realize how BIG it all is, and that I am part of it, and that I am actually participating in creation.

And yet, there are these moments, like right now, when I am tired, and didn’t sleep well, and face the tender spots in me, and my body’s vulnerability. I wonder how the awakening to the Divine milieu can affect this moment? Does it offer me another way to hold what I am going through? I am hoping.