The day begins with breakfast.
Breakfast can be toast — toast with peanut butter, toast with cheese, toast with butter and strawberry jam. Breakfast can be a soft boiled egg. Breakfast always has fruit — grapefruit, melon, banana. A fruit salad is always an added specialty. Breakfast always has coffee or tea.

Faithfulness is my daily commitment. It appears in the everyday ways, like putting breakfast on the table, packing lunches, surrendering to a difficult night’s sleep, and making the best of the new day. I feel it in simple things, like swimming every week, calling my elderly mother and checking in with her, and taking time each day to be grateful.

These are the small moments that settle into your body. They are the handles that open the doors to the larger moments of surrender, which usually happen in the shelter of the heart. The surrender that brings sweet love and a warm acceptance for the basket of life.

Reflect on the ways you are faithful to your daily life, and appreciate what you are doing.