Listen Deep Within

Listening in Your Day

Like most of us, by Friday afternoon I am tired, and so are the group of kindergarten students who file into the school library for their afternoon session with me. In the midst of the squirming and fidgeting, there is one little girl in particular, named Tabitha, who always sits in the front row of the carpet, and stares up at me with her green eyes twinkling. She is so present! When I see her, a bell rings in my heart: a reminder of the joy of being fully present.

In the midst of my grief, this little girl reminds me to continue living life—all the joys and the sorrows to the fullest.

Listening in Your Heart

As we begin the Lenten Season, I pray with the question: What is it You would like for me this Lent? I want to live more in Divine presence and will.  This question is asking me to listen.

Do you have a question to bring to the Divine for prayer and reflection?

Listening in Your Body

I invite you to practice this way of listening in your body:

  • Find a comfortable place to sit
  • Allow yourself to settle in by taking a few deep breaths
  • Tune into your body–feel yourself sitting on the chair
  • Notice where you are holding–in your hip, your jaw, your back–and invite yourself to release
  • Return to focusing on the breath, and then back to the body
  • Notice where you are holding and release
  • Allow yourself to do this for a few minutes and find a way of surrendering in the body


Listen. Listen. Listen.