Open Your Heart to Love

Wednesday Wisdom. Open Your Heart to Love

My intention during this holy time is to cultivate a practice of dwelling in love, trusting that love is healing force, trusting in the perspective that love gives me. As my dear friend Brother Rene also told me: “God is love.”

I offer you this simple but power practice: Open Your Heart to Love

  • Find  a comfortable place to sit quietly for a few moments
  • Settle into yourself with a few deep breaths
  • Invite yourself to see yourself as a vessel of love
  • See love flowing in, and love flowing out
  • Feel yourself absorbed in love
  • If you would like whisper these words in your heart: Here we are God, being together in love.

As you do this, you may feel very tender and vulnerable opening up your heart. But trust in your heart’s capacity. Let yourself notice what wants to keep you closed–self criticism, judgment, impatience–and be gentle with it, but let it go.

This opening of the heart takes desire and discernment, and in fact, as we keep opening to the grace of love, we must strengthen our skill for self knowledge and be willing to become fiercely honest with ourselves.  We learn to reflect and ask ourselves: Is what my mind telling me actually true?

The other day, while driving over the Golden Gate Bridge with my husband, my mind started thinking negative thoughts and becoming worried about money, about time passing. I caught myself, and gently turned my attention in another direction. I looked over at my husband and I chose to be grateful, seeing him with eyes of love, and coming back to the present moment. I turned to him and said, “I am so grateful we are together. Isn’t it a beautiful day?”

Let us grow in love, and in midst of all the busyness, and chaos at times, remember that we are in a big beautiful experience of love, expanding, growing and discovering it always. Embrace it!

What is allowing your hearts to grow and become a “holy temple?”