Introducing LoveFoward, My New Blog Series

Dear Friends,

I’m excited to share my new blog series with you, LoveForward, exploring the seven qualities of living in Divine love that I describe in my new book, The Divine Heart. So, for the next seven weeks, I’ll be sending you a weekly installment that I trust will nourish your heart. I’ll also be posting additional practices and inspirational quotes related to each week’s theme on my blog.

As we slowly begin to come out of the intensity of this past year, I’m noticing I’ve changed. Something in me has shifted, and I’m inviting all of us to pay attention to any shifts we are sensing, feeling, or experiencing. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling much more sensitive these days—to people, to conversations, to the energy around me.

The question I find myself asking, and which I invite you to consider too, is: How do we commit to living a life of love? How do we let grow in our hearts and in our lives? This is a time to be intentional about choosing to step into love as we move forward.

Love is a dynamic energy that has the capacity to grow and expand in our hearts, and in our everyday lives. For me, I experience God as a constant flow of love, in me, around me, and in all of creation. All of life is interconnected in this dynamic flow of Divine love.

In my book, The Divine Heart, I offer seven invitations—spiritual practices—that deepen and expand our capacity to live in the fullness of Divine love every day. These practices remind us that we are in a constant flow of receiving and giving love. These seven qualities of love are: Receptivity, Delight, Expansiveness, Vulnerability, Acceptance, Mystery and Gratitude.

Recently, I’ve noticed that when I’m walking through my neighborhood park, more people want to make eye contact, smile, and say “hello.” The desire for human connection is palpable. With the mask restrictions lifting, I find myself lingering at the neighborhood bakery or produce store, chatting with the person serving me, and moving more slowly. I also find myself taking time to smell the divine fragrance in a yellow rose.


There is a sense of Receptivity in the air—a sense of people listening and responding to each other with more attention, a sense of being more receptive to the flow of Divine love.

Here’s a gentle practice for deepening:

  1. Gently place your hand over your heart and repeat the mantra: I am a vessel of Divine Love. Close your eyes if you’d like, and rest in the depth of your heart and the sense of love flowing towards you, and in you, and through you.
  2. Throughout your day notice where you are being invited to give love, and where you are being invited to receive love. Become more sensitive to the constant exchange of giving and receiving love in small and big ways, and notice the flow.
  3. Be a receptive and loving presence for others—inwardly still, attentive, and heart-centered. Listen without giving advice or interrupting—give the person space and time, your full presence and receptivity.

Love is the most generous and healing energy we can experience, and as we step into a more active and ordinary life once again, we can LoveForwardand find greater joy and hope. So, enjoy noticing and discovering Receptivity as you go through the week, until my next installment, when we will explore the quality of Delight.

Together with you in the circle of love,