Sacred Practice: Discover More of Your True Self

These Sacred Practices are designed as prayers. You can give them as much time as you have in the moment, and they can be repeated.

Discovering More of Your True Self

In the midst of all the noise both around us and within us, from our lists of things to do, to the constant bombardment of media, there is another voice waiting to be heard. As we learn to dwell inside, and discover our interior lives, we allow our lives to unfold.


  • Come into this sacred moment. Take three deep breaths. Let yourself find a calmness. It’s not far away.
  • Come home into yourself. Repeat the mantra: I am at home in myself, as you sink more into yourself.
  • Feel how restful it is to dwell in yourself—even for a few moments.
  • Now, invite the Divine to dwell with you in your inner room: Dear One, Be at home in me. You may have an image, or a feeling of presence, or a wave of energy. Relax and be with it. Close you eyes if you’d like and take it in. Create your own prayer for the moment.
  • Stay with what you are sensing and experiencing for a few minutes. Encourage yourself to become more passive and receptive to this interior dwelling.
  • Connect to the interior place from which you are building a deeper relationship, to yourself, to your life, to the Divine, and to others. They are all interconnected and the root is deep within you.
  • Throughout the day, be willing to step inside yourself and discover more of your true self.