Sometimes, there is no getting around needing to stop. It’s Thursday afternoon, and I cleared my calendar. I have been responding and giving a lot lately to all that is required of me, and I can feel that I am growing weary. I fight the “shoulds” and the guilt, and I persevere and take some time out.

In my book, Comfort and Joy: Simple ways to care for ourselves and others, I write:

Cultivating Comfort
Not putting any expectations on yourself, even for an hour or an afternoon, is a simple way to bring yourself comfort. Can you find a way to clear your schedule and comfort yourself with time out?

What is one thing that you love to do but haven’t been doing much of lately? Stop, and make room for your passion in your life, because it will renew your energy.

I’m writing this afternoon, and even though the words feel thick and messy, because I’m out of practice, I am replenishing the very core of my being. I already feel better — promise. Let me know how you do?