The Way of Mystery

Mystery: Dwelling in the Mystery of Love

Welcome to the sixth installment in my new blog series, LoveFoward, exploring the seven ways of living Divine Love that I describe in my new book, The Divine Heart. This week we touch on, “The Way of Mystery.”

In the depths of our heart, love’s mystery unfolds, always giving itself to us, and we in turn always giving ourselves to love. We are in relationship to the mystery, and the mystery is in relationship to us.

Mystery comes from the Latin mysterium, which means “a secret thing.” It is profound and inexplicable, something we cannot fully understand, but can touch and know in the depth of our hearts. Life is a mystery; we are a mystery; the Divine is a mystery. Mystery invites us into the depth of things. It invites us to keep looking, and to look with the eyes of the heart.


We look up on a clear night and let the star-studded sky absorb us, and for a moment we become the deep darkness and shimmering light, touching boundlessness. Inside this union, sharing in God’s life and creation, we belong.


Can we pause and look at the mystery of a rose, the stars, our own image in the mirror, and in the faces of those around us? I promise you that if you look at life through the eyes of mystery a profound sense of connection, depth, and love will arise. Yet, it takes humility and grace to sustain the gaze and dwell within this mystery.

I invite you into this Breath Practice to connect more deeply with the mystery that you are:

  • Settle into this moment, feeling your feet on the ground, and take a few conscious breaths.
  • Put your attention on your heart center, and see if you can feel yourself breathing in and out of your heart center.
  • Invite this mantra into your heart: God’s breath is my breath, and my breath is God’s breath.

For this week, I invite you to dwell in Mystery, until next week when we explore Gratitude, in our last installment of our LoveForward series.