Listening to Our Desires

Wednesday Wisdom: Praying Together.

I invite you to light a candle, or gaze at the candles in this picture, and come into this sacred moment together. All our candles are prayers that we are praying together.

Begin by bringing your attention to your breath, not attempting to change it in any way, but simply feeling the inhalation and the exhalation.Take a few moments to establish yourself in breath awareness, letting the breath bring you a sense of calm and ease, and connection to the Divine.

As you gaze at your candle, listen to the words in your heart.

  • I pray with my desire to connect more intimately with God, the Sacred, the Beloved, and see my life as a sacred journey.
  • I listen to what is in my heart and bring it to God in prayer for healing. 


Here is a guided meditation on “Tenderness.”