Sacred Practice: Listening With the Heart

Listening is a sacred practice. Yet, at times, we only hear on the surface of life. So how do we learn to listen deeply? How do we learn to listen to our body, to our heart’s desire, or to our inner stirrings? There’s a sensitive way of listening to others, as well, to their joys and sorrows. And what delight there can be in learning to listen to the sounds of nature–the wind, the birds, the ocean.  To love is to listen, and to let yourself be touched by what you’re hearing.


  • Take time right now, and listen to yourself. Stop what you’re doing, take a few deep breaths, and arrive in this sacred moment. Listen to your breath as you inhale and exhale. Let the sound of your breathing fill you completely.
  • As you settle into yourself, ask yourself: How am I feeling? Sit with the question for a few minutes and really tune into yourself. Let the true answer emerge from inside of you–from your heart.
  • If you’re feeling sad, receive it. If you’re happy, receive it. If you’re angry, receive it.
  • Invite the Divine into this moment with you: Dear God, I’m feeling angry right now. Dear God, I’m feeling happy right now. 
  • Let the Divine be present with you, and be willing to bring all of yourself into this sacred moment. Be open and say: I’m listening, Sacred One.
  • Sit for a few minutes quietly listening to what’s stirring in your heart.

Throughout the day, pause and listen–when you hear a bird singing in a tree, when you hear a  song you like, or when you hear your body asking you to sit for a moment and take a break. Listening to yourself, to others, and the Divine, forms the heart of sacred awareness in your daily life.