Feeling the Music

Wednesday Wisdom: Feeling the Music

Feel the comfort and joy of music by listening to something that is special to you. It may be a song that holds fond memories, or one that you like to dance to. It could be your favorite music to sing along with, either by yourself or with others. What music brings you comfort? What music lets you express joy?

The Guitar 

My husband cradles the guitar in his arms. He strums. He picks. The repetition of a chord rocks him and brings him ease. The music stops his worrying and soothes his body. He feels at home in himself as he is playing. The intervals of silence and sound comfort his mind.

Together, we sing the familiar tunes of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, and Rickie Lee Jones. He strums and together our voices fill our living room. I’ll miss a beat, or he’ll play the wrong chord, but it doesn’t matter. The sweetness of comfort isn’t about perfection, but about giving ourselves away to the music for a while.

Prayers and Practices

Bring your attention to your breath, not attempting to change it in any way, but simply feeling the inhalation and the exhalation. Take a few moments to establish yourself in breath awareness, letting the breath bring you a sense of calm and ease, and connection to the Divine. Your Breath is the Divine Music!

Singing or listening to music is a sacred way to bring a deep sense of comfort and joy into your heart, your body, your home, your relationships. Music is a way of praying.

Play a favorite song and contemplate:

  • As I play a piece of music that touches me deeply, I close my eyes and sink into listening as a sacred experience, allowing the music to reach deep within and take me on a journey.  


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