Meditation On Stillness

Stillness. Taking a moment to stop. To stop. To give yourself permission to be still. To feel how restful it is to be still. Not that we can ever be completely still because, by nature, we fluctuate, we move, we breath, but there is a settling a stillness that we can find when we stop. Stop always defining ourselves by what we do and let ourselves be known simply in the breath. To let the whisper of the breath touch us intimately, quietly. Close your eyes. Close your eyes and relax within. Giving yourself permission to simply be, to rest, to connect with stillness. Strong as a tree trunk, as quiet as a smooth lake, as still as a rock. Feeling what it’s like to be still, to be simple, to be undefined, to let go, for just a few moments of all the ways we are constantly defining ourselves and defining life. And letting that stillness and quietness bring us ease. And from that ease, letting the joy of the spirit fill us.