Visio Divina Practice For Receptivity

Engage in the contemplative practice of Visio Divina (sacred seeing):

  • Engage in divine seeing by allowing your heart and imagination to enter into one of the images below as a sacred moment.


  • As you gaze at the image, allow your awareness to gently take in both what you’re looking at and what’s going on inside of you.
    • What are you feeling? What’s stirring within you as you look at the image?


  • You may want to use these questions for reflection:
    • In what ways am I being invited into more receptivity–with God, with  my deepest Self, with others, with nature and creation?  


  • Listen for what wants to be revealed to you. Feel free to close your eyes for a few moments, and then open your eyes–allowing your deepest Self and the image to interact.


  • Allow yourself a few moments of quiet, resting in the Holy.


  • See if a prayer naturally arises.