Breathing in and breathing out. Arriving in this moment. Arriving home to yourself and to your heart. Letting yourself connect more consciously with your breath. Breathing in and breathing out. Taking the time to be with yourself. Connect with yourself more deeply. Finding the comfort that dwells within simply by being present to yourself.

Hearing your voice. Listening. What is calling to you right now? The need for compassion perhaps? The need to honor your feelings? The need to feel some sadness that you’re holding in your heart? Not trying to find an answer or fix it, but being present with your body, with your feelings, with yourself.

Hearing your voice. Hearing your calling for comfort right now. Breathing in and breathing out. Your voice is waiting for you. Can you give yourself the comfort of listening to it. Take some time today and bring your presence to yourself. Bring your self-compassion, understanding, love, joy…simply by listening. Becoming present to yourself is a deep way of listening to your heart, your soul and your body. The more we can connect deeply within ourselves, the more we can reach out to others in a genuine way. Let us take time today to hear, to listen to be present to ourselves and ultimately then to others.