Connecting to Our Deepest Self Guided Meditation

What does it mean to connect to our solitude? What does it mean to know that there is a deep, secret, hidden present place within where we meet God and where God meets us.

In those tender moments like right now, perhaps feeling overwhelmed, emotionally vulnerable, tired, there is a place within where it’s vast, spacious, intimate, and full of love. Where love is waiting to meet us, comfort us, soothe us, to help us remember who we are.

It’s an inner place that is always present, that is always available to us. In our solitude, we touch the deep ground of our being, the ground in which we live and breath and have our being, the ground of the spirit.

Let us begin this meditation by connecting and gathering ourselves for the gift of the breath. Taking it easy, breathing in and breathing out. And breathing in and breathing out. And breathing in and breathing out. Letting the breath take us to that place of solitude. Meeting God, the divine, the spirit in our solitude where nothing needs to happen, where we can just be.